The Cronin Home Featured Services

Cronin Home rules and Expectations are clearly provided and available for download.


Family members are welcome to visit. We have posted visitation times to assure the privacy of all residents and yet allow family and guests to visit our residents. This is very important to regain trust and support from the “shattered” relationships that many residents experience with their family and friends.

Participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other self-help groups is encouraged but not mandatory. We believe in the attraction tradition of A.A./N.A. . There are 12 step groups that use Cronin Home as their home group with meetings on site.

Transportation is provided by staff for residents in need of travel to MI/CD treatment, medical appointments and emergencies, We also provide Bus vouchers for residents (in need) on a daily “first come first served” basis.

Our Registered Nurse staff provides coverage for basic needs and medication administration. We work with many residents that are in need of medical support from the Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center and our nursing staff is available to assist in navigating though those systems. WE ARE NOT AN ASSISTED LIVING ENVIRONMENT therefore we limit our services to only the basic needs, as all resident must demonstrate ability for “self care and self protection”. The staff encourages residents to maintain good physical and mental health. Staff administers all prescription and over the counter medications to the residents. All medications are kept secure in the staff office. All staff is trained to properly administer the medications prepared by our professional nursing staff.

Residents are encouraged to find employment and work when they are physically able to do so, however it is NOT required. This helps build their sense of self-worth and confidence. Those who cannot work for pay are encouraged to do voluntary work for community service organizations or help around the Cronin Home. Staff maintains community awareness for potential employment opportunities for the residents.

Residents are responsible for their own bedroom, personal hygiene and laundry (laundry soap, and use of washers and dryers provided.) Residents share a bedroom with another resident, which helps reinforce the peer support at Cronin Home.

One home cooked meal daily, served family style. However two other meals are available daily at all hours for those unable to attend the scheduled home meal. The meals are all prepared and provided on-site. Nutritional, high quality meals are provided to help the resident regain much needed health and well-being.

Respect for each individual living at the Cronin Home is an expectation! This expectation applies to staff, residents and visitors. Peer support has been an asset at Cronin for all residents that seek out support. Individual, one on one attention is provided by staff – NO GROUP TREATMENT. As we do not have a Program at our facility, we are staffed by quality based and goal orientated, experienced staff that can provide assistance in many areas of residents needs.

We are a community providing a warm and caring home atmosphere. An ongoing environment of social and recreational activity is promoted. We attempt to help persons maintain contact with community activities and recreational resources geared to their interests. We are a SOBER environment and must maintain a clean and sober living environment. There will be consequences for those who violate this expectation.

Home Atmosphere

Our facility is structured to provide a home atmosphere, not treatment, so that residents may rely on peer support and example to bring desired changes. Cronin Home functions like any other well-run household. All bedrooms are neat, clean and provide all the comforts you would find at home. The kitchen is well equipped for providing a quality home-style meal. The meal provided each day is prepared completely by staff. Our service is simple and individual.

This atmosphere has helped to promote abstinence in many residents. Others have come and gone and returned again to regain their health and well-being. Cronin Home provides several aspects to promote this atmosphere for residents.

Our basic rules are minimal

  1. No alcoholic beverages or other drugs on the premises.
  2. We expect acceptable behavior if there is a slip. Residents sign an agreement that should they drink or use, they will go to detox if the staff is concerned for their behavior or physical well being. Resident is not to return to the facility until they are clean and sober.
  3. All medications must be administered by staff and overseen by our registered nurse.
  4. We do not permit smoking and other tobacco use in the facility.