Common Questions about the Cronin Home
Yes! We are always in need of volunteers, ESPECIALLY for our annual fundraiser in May. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cronin Home staff at croninhome@thecroninhome.org
At this time we are not able to accept donations of: TVs and furniture.
Please see our Wish List. In addition to those items, we are always in need of gently-used clothing, including outerwear, socks, and shoes. Towels, blankets, puzzles, board games, decks of cards, books, magazines, etc. are always appreciated as well.
We do not require residents to follow a particular recovery program. We do provide resources for a variety of recovery programs. We do allow a recovery group (AA) to utilize one of our meeting rooms for a meeting every Wednesday at 6:30pm. This is not a required meeting, however residents are welcome to attend.
Employed residents are required to follow state-mandated guidelines while living in Group Residential Housing (GRH). Out of the monthly income, residents are given an allocated amount for personal needs, and also need to contribute to their cost for services while living at Cronin Home. Any particular questions about this can be directed toward Gary Mills, Assistant Director.
We ask that any applicants have 2 years of sobriety.
No, we do not provide internet. Internet is available nearby at the Rochester Public Library.
Yes, you may have a cell phone. We ask that ringers are on only between 7:00am-10:00pm, in order to be respectful to those who are sleeping.
We allow our residents to be on methadone maintenance, however we do not allow “take outs” at our facility.
Our waiting list is not in numerical order. Our waiting list is based upon need, i.e. if there is someone living under a bridge, they will take priority over someone who has a roof over their head.